Is this a gateway
that negates access and
invites inquisitive bodies to
move toward a direction of
understanding that walls are
meant to support and contain
restrict and determine the volume
of a porous barrier
built with the intent to control and
accept and recognise a
foundation that is struggling
to hold resistant material

Is this a gateway
leading toward transformation
or a stifling corridor space
surveying bodily behaviour
with doors right and left
following in ordered succession
allowing for movement up, down
and ordered while instructed
to go forward at a
slow pace
rhythmically aiming to strive
and strategically positioned inline
to wait patiently for
predetermined outcomes

Is this a gateway
that moulds posture
and establishes its own
relevance by locating power
in elongated walls and floors
with windows
seeking, cracking ever so
slightly at the edges
revealing a lack of structural
integrity facing a desire to
mirror the same shapes and
pathways around a capsule
aimed to prevent liquid from
outside to seep through the
pores simultaneously
evaporating that which is not
considered pure enough in

Is this a gateway
to a protected space
for a select few whose voices
are heard and bodies
unharmed as those who hear
the whisper of change rustle
in the leaves listen
and honour ancestry erased
by text black and white and
leather-bound with golden
letters embossed proudly
flaunting pillage and hiding
behind empathy
manufactured by a machine
built by men
who trace their predecessors
as they erase the ancient
teachers who learned from
rain and the sun

Is this a gateway
to pillars towering
burning to fall
with grounds collecting
pounds of flesh and flame
that seep into depths below
white-washed surfaces
buffered to shine by soft skin
pierced palm to palm
while clouds of burning
breath sting as ash settles
and stick to the soles of

Is this a gateway
built to strengthen a vessel
rooted in soil
fertile with the remains of
crushed vertebrae
reduced to a fine white
intended to nourish and feed
the mouths of those deemed
to benefit from conquests
achieved by ship and sail as
swords shift toward pen on

Is this a gateway
that births in labour first life
a worded and written world
that directs mortarboards
thrown upward
while bricklayers stack stone
to make surfaces
to carry eager footsteps
watched closely
as arms and legs yearn to
resist the circular barriers
within mazes

Is this a gateway
lightly polished by a flickering
actively seeking
the source of an inherited
confidence carried out with
good posture and poise
and hides behind a promise
that a bookmark will stop the
numbers on pages from
being forgotten

Is this a gateway
that embraces open eyes
delighted by possibility
that nurtures ambition passed
on and put forth in order to
sustain and recreate a dream
constructed to manipulate
and distract hard-working
minds from constant restraint

Is this a gateway
that sets off an alarm
aimed at summoning shields
meant to defend uniforms
from distress
as spoken word in song
resonates higher ground
stretching further than
barricades blocking
staircases as soaring sounds
shoot upward only to fall on
ears conditioned to have
selective hearing

Is this a gateway
that confronts those who
navigate passageways
with intimidation
in order to excel in a space
where excellence is
measured on levels of
as achievements are
assessed and marked by
founded on a power losing its
relevance in a quest to
become malleable

Is this a gateway
that has a destination point in
and satisfies curious beings
by providing answers to
open-ended questions
longing for retribution
and comfort in a space where
uncertainty is the origin of an
opening that leads fleeting
feet toward guarded

Is this a gate-way?

Genevieve Louw

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